Carry on Mf

Expected May 2021

This foal should should be the perfect combination of legs and nice bone with a pretty neck! This foal will likely mature to a solid 16.2+hh, should have an excellent jump and be a good mover.  We have high hopes that the foal will want to be a fancy hunter or derby mount one day!

​Momma has produced three lovely babies and definitely stamps them as her own. Check out Momma Violet's page for more information about her and her babies (Butters and Jewels)!​​

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Carry On MF, owned by Marabet Farms in Florida because he is a fantastic mover, has a wonderful jump and produces quiet babies. Our little (she will actually probably mature to a solid 16.3+) Che Figata "Figgy" (Carry On MF x Ghradine) is the biggest sweetheart and was born broke. I can't wait to see this baby from Momma!

Carry On MF (Corlando x Royal Envy MF - King David) is a Belgian WB Stallion, who stands 17hh tall.  

He has a top performance pedigree and offers quality gaits, superb jump and an excellent disposition. At his 2013 70-Day Stallion Test he was the Jumping Champion. Carry On MF scored a huge 128.55 for Jump and 117.25 for Dressage after a 5% age deduction finishing third overall at the 2013 N.A. Stallion Test.

Scores include: Character 9.5, Temperament 9, Willingness to Work 9.5, Constitution 9.5, Trot 8.5, Gallop 8.5, Walk 8, Free Jump 10, Stadium Jumping 9.5, Cross Country 8.5. The guest riding judges gave him ridability scores of 9 for Dressage and 9.25 for Jumping. Carry On MF has incredible jumping ability, but he also has the movement for upper level dressage, just like sire Corlando. An exciting addition to the North American breeding scene!

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